Following New Zealand's lead… let's ban semi-automatic guns here

by Gun Control Network on 23-03-2019

The Christchurch tragedy in which 50 people were senselessly killed by a right wing racist has caused governments across the world to review their gun laws.

Imagine if the killer had come to the UK, instead of New Zealand, and killed 50 innocent people in Bristol or Birmingham.  Public outrage would be fuelling a demand to ban the kind of guns used in such a terrible crime. 

Here in the UK, most people probably think we don’t allow such weapons, but they would be wrong.  We do allow them, and they are used in the new, fast-growing sport of Practical Shooting. 

Here is a link to what Practical Shooting is all about.

We now know that New Zealand, under the strong and decisive leadership of Jacinda Ardern, is banning multi-shot weapons.  Here in UK, we don’t have to wait until we have a tragedy like theirs.  We can take action now and ban them before it’s too late.

Guns are for killing and the fewer of them there are, the safer we will all be.