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Worcester News


After seeing a buzzard falling into some trees in Worcester, Worcestershire, a man contacted the RSPCA to say he believed the bird had been shot out of the sky. He was unable to find the bird in dense foliage but reported hearing its cries weaken and finally stop.



Victor Tuff, aged 62, has been jailed for five years after pleading guilty to possession of a firearm without a certificate and four counts each of possessing a prohibited weapon and possessing ammunition without a certificate. In April 2021, after machine gun parts addressed to Tuff were intercepted at Munich Airport, police officers searched his home and his workshop in Blyth, Northumberland and discovered a .45 colt self-loading pistol, a starter pistol, gun parts and various types of ammunition, including 20 live NATO calibre rifle rounds, 50 live .22 long rifle calibre rounds, 20 live .45 calibre rifle rounds and 100 live 9x19 calibre rounds. The court heard that Tuff‘s firearms licence was revoked in 2017 after he fell out with some neighbours and that he was “a nerd” with “a passion for firearms” who liked “taking things apart and finding out how they work”. The judge, however, said that, although it was unlikely Tuff would use a weapon, he had “a clear understanding” that he should not have held onto the self-loading pistol after legislation banned its possession. He added, “They are tough provisions - the intention is to deter people like you from holding onto, in this case, most importantly a handgun, potentially a dangerous weapon, particularly if it had fallen into the wrong hands, as you are well aware.”

Biggleswade Today


During an operation by a specialist gangs and guns police unit, officers raided properties in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire and seized around £3000 in cash, Class B drugs and an imitation firearm. Three men were arrested on suspicion of offences including being in possession of an offensive weapon.

Nottinghamshire Police


In a crackdown on suspected drug dealing, police officers raided a boat and two residential properties in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire. At one address officers seized crack cocaine, heroin, cannabis, mobile phones, cash and firearm ammunition. After three men were arrested for drug and other offences, two of them were charged with possessing ammunition for a firearm when prohibited for life.



Stephen Mark, 40, Aaron Stubley, 32, and Lewis Callaghan, 27, have been jailed for six years and seven months, seven-and-a-half years, and nine years and eight months, respectively, after carrying out an armed robbery at a shop in Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire. After the trio entered the store in January 2022, Callaghan threatened shoppers with a bicycle pump covered with black material, telling them it was a pump action shotgun. After one customer tried to push him out of the shop, he knocked her to the floor. Mark threatened to stab a staff member if they didn’t open the till, after which the thieves stole scratch cards, cash and cigarettes. The thieves also racially abused staff during the robbery. The offenders’ images were caught on CCTV and all three were arrested shortly afterwards. Before being detained, Callaghan threw tiles at police officers after trying to escape by climbing onto a house roof. The shopper who tackled the trio has been left with long term injuries from knocking her head on the floor, including loss of hearing and an inability to taste or smell. Mark was sentenced for robbery and possession of a knife, while Stubley admitted the first offence only. Callaghan was sentenced for causing actual bodily harm, possession of an imitation firearm and assaulting an emergency worker.

Northamptonshire Telegraph


Following a disturbance at a hotel in Corby, Northamptonshire, police stopped a car nearby and arrested two men: one was arrested on suspicion of possession of an imitation firearm with intent to cause fear of violence, while the other was charged with the same offence as well as failing to provide a specimen for analysis and criminal damage to property under the value of £5,000.



Four men have been sentenced for their involvement in a shooting at a restaurant in Ealing, West London. In September 2022, Nicholas Grant fired shots at the busy restaurant, with one shot going through the window. CCTV picked up Grant getting out of a white van and, using GPS data, detectives discovered that Nathanial St Aimie had driven it to his home address shortly after the shooting. St Aimie was subsequently found to have carried out reconnaissance of the restaurant the day before the shooting and to have arranged for co-defendants, Elton Charles, Lee Morgan and Grant, to become involved. Phone data and messages revealed the defendants had planned to meet in the area at the time of the incident, the motive being financial gain.

Northamptonshire Police


A man and woman were charged with several offences, including possession of a firearm without a certificate, after police recovered Class A drugs, cash and a suspected viable firearm from a property in Northampton, Northamptonshire. Click on media link to read full report.



After arresting a man on suspicion of possessing Class A drugs, police officers searched his home in Birmingham, West Midlands and found a sawn-off shotgun. The man was further arrested on suspicion of possessing a firearm.

New Milton Advertiser & Lymington Times


Police officers seized an imitation gun after responding to an incident at a pub in New Milton, Hampshire. A man was arrested at the scene on suspicion of possessing an imitation firearm and possession of Class A and C drugs.

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