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In a drive-by attack, a shotgun was fired twice from a car towards a house in Birmingham, West Midlands, causing the householder to dive for cover. Two neighbours also rushed inside to avoid the gunfire. Three hooded assailants had smashed the windows of the targeted house with baseball bats shortly before the shooting, with some residents believing this was a ploy to lure the homeowner outside before the gunman attacked. Police later confirmed this and another nearby shooting, adding that no one was injured in either incident.

Daily Post


Daily Post, 18 December 2009
The stained glass windows of a church in Minera, Clwyd, have been damaged, probably by somebody who shot at it with an air rifle.  A replacement could cost hundreds of pounds.  A Christmas tree was also stolen from the church.


Three kittens have been shot with an airgun and left for dead in an attack in Llanfigael, Anglesey.  One of them survived despite being shot in the neck and sustaining a broken leg, but another was already dead when they were discovered and a second who was seriously wounded is believed to have crawled away to die.

BBC News


A dog reportedly shot with an air rifle at a park near High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire is "lucky to be alive" according to his owner. Members of the public helped pull the pet from a river after he was shot, only to see "a very round hole in his side and a lot of blood". An X-ray revealed that the pellet had missed his spine by millimetres and lodged in muscle. Police have appealed for information.

Northern Echo


James Mosley, 19,  was drunk when he waved an imitation handgun from a car window at a couple walking in a street in Bishop Auckland, County Durham, in August 2009.  Mosley, a former soldier, was arrested shortly afterwards and the firearm was found to be a novelty lighter, an exact replica 9mm Beretta handgun which he had bought in Turkey.  He was sent to an institution for  young offenders for eight months.  The judge ordered the forfeiture and destruction of the imitation handgun.

The Mirror


A garage worker was shot with a taser in an armed robbery in Gateshead, Northumbria as she walked to the bank with the day’s takings.



After the body of the last golden eagle living wild in Wales was found earlier this year in Tregaron, Ceredigion, post-mortem examination revealed it had previously been shot. Although not the cause of death, X-rays revealed the bird had been shot at least twice with a shotgun. The eagle had been living around the Llyn Brianne reservoir for twelve years after escaping captivity at three months old. Cause of death was given as Aspergillosis, a fungal infection; however, there have been questions as to why the findings of the post-mortem were not reported in full at the time.

Get Surrey


Ryan Farmery has been ordered to pay a £120 fine with a victim surcharge of £20, costs of £50, and a £150 criminal courts charge and has had his gun confiscated after pleading guilty to using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour relating to him having a paintball gun in public in Woking, Surrey. He was seen walking around with the imitation gun on display after allegedly picking it up from a friend's house where it had been found during a clear up.



Heckler & Koch handgun and 50 rounds of viable ammunition found in a parked van in Brixton, South London. Click on media link to read full report.

Guardian (Epping Forest, Waltham Forest, Wanstead & Woodford)


A cat has been left paralysed after being shot in the spine with an air rifle in North Weald, Essex.  He was probably shot from fairly close range as the pellet was quite deep inside.

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