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Yorkshire Evening Post


Yorkshire Evening Post, 13 May 2008 Armed police laid siege to a house in Beeston, Leeds, in the hunt for a gunman after an earlier car-jacking in Bramley and chase to Armley where the thief fired two shots. The gunman was not located.

Burton Mail


Cat partially paralysed after being shot twice by air rifle. RSPCA funded the operation.

Evening Star


Cat injured by l5 shotgun pellets in Stowmarket Suffolk.



BBC, 12 May 2008 A man denied being part of the largest crime network to supply guns to the criminal underworld ever uncovered in Britain. He was alleged to have supplied handguns and ammunition to gangsters across the UK. During one operation in Manchester police seized 29 guns and 856 bullets. All of the guns were blank-firing weapons (Baikal self-loading gas handguns sold legally in some European countries) converted to fire live rounds. Kaleem Akhtar has now been convicted of conspiracy to possess firearms and ammunition with intent to endanger life and will be sentenced in June. His co-conspirators, Madasser Ali, Paul Wilson, Asaid Saleem, Agnius Malcevas and Edgaras Malcevas and Michael Peake, had all pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to their parts in the operation. The guns, brought from Essex, were found in Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Leeds, Bradford and Scotland (BBC, 22 May 2008).



BBC, 12 May 2008 A shot was fired at a car in Bilborough, Nottingham. No-one was injured during the incident which police think was a "targeted attack".

The Citizen


The Citizen (Gloucester), 12 May 2008 Five youths were charged with five counts of possessing an air weapon in a public place after ten BB gun shootings in Gloucester in February 2008. Christopher Newman, 20, Victoria Sutton, 18, two 14-year-old boys and a 13-year old boy drove around the streets firing pellets from the gun. Six people were injured. All five pleaded guilty. Newman and Sutton each received 18-month community orders and will be required to attend 32 sessions of the Think First programme and will be electronically tagged and under curfew for three months. The three younger boys were each given six-month referral orders.



Gazette, 12 May 2008 A spate of incidents has forced police in North Essex to warn people about using BB guns and airguns in public. Officers were called on five different occasions to reports of nuisance behaviour or criminal damage. In Tiptree a ball-bearing gun was fired at a garden, hitting someone standing inside. In Colchester someone was seen firing a BB gun into fence beside a house but pellets were flying through the fence into a garden. Later a youth who was firing his air pistol out of a bedroom window in Colchester was "given advice" by police. It is thought he was aiming to hit birds. There was a similar nuisance report in Clacton as well as a report of criminal damage in the town that had been caused by an airgun pellet.

Herald (Harlow


Herald (Harlow), 12 May 2008 Armed police were called to search for a gunman in Foldcroft in Harlow, Essex, after reports from the public of a man with a gun. No one was found.

This Is Local London


This is Local London, 12 May 2008 Two teenagers have been sentenced for the rape of a 15-year-old girl at Woolwich Common, south east London, in August 2007. The girl was also threatened with a firearm. A 17-year-old was found guilty of rape and possession of a firearm and sentenced to seven years, and 18-year-old Andrando Flowers who pleaded guilty to rape was sentenced to five-and-a-half years.

Warrington Guardian


Warrington Guardian, 12 May 2008 A woman was held up at gunpoint at a petrol station in Glazebury, Cheshire, although the offender did not make any threats or demands. |The man had already paid for cigarettes when he pointed what appeared to be a black pistol at the woman.

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