Gun Incidents in Great Britain

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Lancashire Evening Post


A pizza delivery driver was ambushed and robbed at gunpoint by three men in Preston.  The robbers escaped on foot with cash, jewellery and credit cards.

Crawley Observer


A 15-year-old was robbed at gunpoint in a park in Portsmouth whilst walking home with his girlfriend.  Three men prodded him with a black handgun and demanded cash.



A parking warden was shot with an air rifle in Edinburgh's New Town.  He was ticketing cars when he was hit on the hand by a pellet.

South Wales Echo


A gunman threatened to shoot and kill a takeaway delivery driver during an attack in St Mellons, Cardiff.  Three men were involved, one armed with what the driver described as a nine-inch long black pistol and another with a lock-knife.  The men stole a mobile phone, wallet, bank cards and satellite navigation system.

Bolton News


A show horse has been shot with an airgun in his stables in Radcliffe.  He will be left with a scar after having had a pellet removed from his face.  The horse is the latest victim in a string of airgun attacks on animals in Bolton.



Two men have been jailed for firearm offences after police raided a house in Haydock, Lancashire, and found a number of guns.  Mark Watts was found guilty of 13 offences and was jailed for 15 years, Neil Johnston was jailed for eight years after admitting four firearm offences.  Police believe the pair were supplying Liverpool gangs.  Among the weapons found was a handgun with four barrels capable of firing at once.

Press Association


Marvin Davidson was caught with a loaded revolver at Hackney station in East London when he tried to avoid a police metal detector.  He has been jailed for 5 years.

Herts Advertiser


A man was held up at gunpoint in the second firearm robbery in St Albans in a week.  Three men approached him from behind and pushed him into a side street where he was threatened.  The thieves stole his music player, wallet and mobile phone.

Whitby Gazette


Two cats have been shot, probably with an air rifle, in attacks in Whitby, North Yorkshire.  One of the cats needed extensive surgery and has lost the sight in one eye.  The other cat will also need treatment after being shot in the cheek.

Harborough Mail


Advertising hoardings at a sports ground in Market Harborough, Leicestershire, have been peppered with airgun pellets.

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