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Telegraph & Argus


Shots were fired from a car as it pursued another vehicle through streets in West Bowling, Bradford.  The back window of a car was shattered by one blast from a shotgun but its occupant escaped injury.

Liverpool Echo


A man walked into a pub in Fazakerley, Liverpool, pulled out a revolver, shouted something and shot himself.  Police confirmed a fatality which is being investigated as an "unexplained death".

Wandsworth Guardian


A man was shot in the leg in Tooting, south London.  He made his way to hospital where staff alerted the police.

Daily Post


A couple feared for their lives when a teenager held a .22 air rifle to their heads.  David Edgerton, 19, put the gun to the cheek of a man and told him he would shoot him.  The incident arose after he was released from custody for an offence involving the car belonging to the victim.  Edgerton of Leeswood, Clwyd, admitted possessing a rifle belonging to his father with intent to cause fear of violence.  He received two years youth custody



Five teenagers, aged between 16 and 19, suffered gunshot wounds in a incident in Tottenham, north London, in which another victim was stabbed.  None of the victims have life-threatening injuries.  Five people, including one of those shot, have been detained by police.

Harrow Times


John Laslett and James Murphy have been sentenced to three years and 18 months imprisonment, respectively, following a series of armed robberies on bookmakers in north west London in March 2009.  The premises were in Harrow, Edgware, Colindale, Mill Hill and Burnt Oak.  Laslett pleaded guilty to nine offences of robbery and one offence of possession of an imitation firearm with intent to commit robbery and Murphy pleaded guilty to one offence of robbery.  The sentence for Laslett, which was indefinite, has been changed on appeal to a conventional six-year sentence meaning he will qualify for release in three years (Harrow Times, 10 February 2010).

Oxford Mail


Jamie-Lee Rowland from Oxford, one of two women who pleaded guilty to and were jailed for jointly conspiring to manage a network of eight brothels, was sentenced to a further 18 months for the possession of a stun gun and a knife.

This is South Wales


A cat shot in the back with a pellet gun in Landore, Swansea, may never walk again after the pellet damaged his spine.



David Hampson was described by a judge as a "dealer in death" when he was jailed for 20 years after pleading guilty to a number of charges of conspiring to supply guns and ammunition.  He had transformed the kitchen in his home in Huyton, Merseyside, into a workshop where he could manufacture weapons.  He could transform a replica firearm into a handgun in 20 minutes, and his speciality was converting miniature torches into single-shot weapons.  Hampson would buy up replica firearms and starting pistols from army supplies stores.  Other members of the gang were jailed, Thomas March for 30 months after being convicted of conspiring to supply ammunition and firearms and Neil Perry and Martin Pearson, who admitted the same charges, for five and seven years, respectively.  Dean Gerrard will be sentenced later.  Hampson has failed to have his sentence cut after an appeal (Liverpool Echo, 12 May 2010).



Russell Carter has been found guilty of murdering his boss, whom he throttled, and trying to kill three other men in Pontypool in October 2008 (see Incidents).  He tied up and gagged his victims at gunpoint and threw petrol over them.  He later claimed that the weapon was a toy gun (South Wales Echo, 12 September 2009).  After the verdicts the jury was told that Carter had two convictions for previous violent armed incidents in the US, where he is in breach of parole, and of which authorities in the UK were not aware.  He has been given a life sentence and will not be considered for release for at least 30 years (South Wales Argus, 24 October 2009).

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