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Skegness Standard


Skegness Standard, 3 July 2008 A man was discovered with a shotgun wound to his head in a lane at Chapel St Leonards, Lincolnshire. The death has been reported to HM Coroner and an inquest is due to be opened.

Eastern Daily Press


Eastern Daily Press, 2 July 2008 A cat owner in Brandon, Suffolk, who thought her cat had been hit by a car, discovered, after an x-ray at her vets, that her pet had an air rifle pellet lodged in his spinal cord. The cat had to be put to sleep.



BBC, 2 July 2008 A house in Derby was damaged after shots, apparently from a replica airgun, were fired. A window was smashed and a car was damaged during the incident. A man was arrested on suspicion of causing criminal damage.

Bexley Telegraph


Bexley Telegraph, 2 July 2008 Two men are on trial accused of murdering a man who died after being shot in the stomach during a stand-off between two groups of young men in Woolwich, south east London, in July 2008. Both deny murder.

Evening Telegraph (Northampton)


Evening Telegraph (Northampton), 2 July 2008 Two 17-year-olds have been arrested after an incident involving an airgun in Corby. A cyclist was struck in the body with an airgun pellet causing him to swerve into the road.

Fleetwood Weekly News


Fleetwood Weekly News, 2 July 2008 A man had a handgun held to his head by masked robbers in Manchester. His mobile phone was stolen.

Liverpool Daily Post


Liverpool Daily Post, 2 July 2008 Neil Delacruz has pleaded guilty to taking a revolver with cartridges to his mother's house in Childwall, Merseyside, and attacking another man in April 2008. The gun was fired and a bullet was later found in the rook. He denied further charges including possessing a firearm and ammunition. A woman accused with him also denied possessing a prohibited weapon and ammunition and marking threats to kill and unlawfully wounding the victim.

Liverpool Daily Post


Liverpool Daily Post, 2 July 2008 Police cordoned off part of an estate in Norris Green after several reports of a shooting.

Sussex Express


Sussex Express, 2 July 2008 Two men are on trial both charged with blackmailing and threatening two men in August 2007. They are alleged to have held a businessman hostage at gun point at an address in Crawley.

Dumbarton Reporter


Dumbarton Reporter, 1 July 2008 Armed police arrived at a primary school in Dumbarton after reports that an assault involving a shotgun had occurred. No gun was found, but a man was arrested for the alleged possession of drugs with intent to supply.

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