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Daily Mail


A bank manager was kidnapped at gunpoint as a prank for his 40th birthday. The kidnap took place at a petrol station with the knowledge of the staff there. Staff at the bank in Penzance, Cornwall, also cooperated in the plan for the mock kidnapping which involved replica guns. A spokesman for Devon & Cornwall Police said they had no record of the incident but "in general we would discourage this sort of thing. It is not a good idea to go around in public with replica or toy guns and balaclavas." What he should also have added was that it is actually an offence to have a replica gun in a public place.

The Citizen (Preston)


Three people pleaded guilty to serious firearms offences at Preston Crown Court. Ivan Hue, Anthony Davis and Michelle Collins all pleaded guilty to jointly possessing a loaded Baikal 9mm handgun and silencer. Another woman, Tamara Gornall had been stopped by police in August 2007 in the Gamull area of Preston and was found to be in possession of the gun (see Incidents). She was later arrested and has since pleaded guilty to possessing the firearm. Sentencing will take place in April.

The Argus (Brighton)


David Clarke threatened staff with a cigarette lighter in the shape of a metal gun at a job centre in Brighton in July 2007. A policewoman and a woman Police Community Support Officer tackled the man and took the weapon from him. Clarke admitted possession of an imitation firearm and will be sentenced later this month.

Telegraph & Argus (Bradford)


A man has been arrested on firearms charges following a weapons seizure in Mirfield, West Yorkshire. Fourteen handguns, an amount of ammunition, two crossbows and an air rifle were recovered from an address following reports of a man brandishing a handgun.

Liverpool Echo


A woman was arrested on suspicion of being in possession of a gun in a public place after reports that she had been seen with a handgun near a medical centre in Stockton Heath, Warrington. The weapon is thought to have been an airgun. The woman was being guarded overnight in hospital.

Kent Online


A man entered a shop in Chatham and threatened a cashier with what appeared to be a gun. He left after being handed a quantity of cash.

The Citizen (Gloucestershire)


Two cousins were assaulted by a gang in the centre of Gloucester. One aged 17, alleges that a car pulled up and fired at him with an air rifle which left a hole in his coat. The other teenager, aged 16, says the gang was assaulted with baseball bats, bottles and a golf club.

Birmingham Mail


A court has been told how a mother on her way to pick up her children from school was shot in the head by a man taking pot-shots with an air rifle. Part of a pellet lodged in her head and she had to have it removed by surgery. A man has denied charges of wounding and possessing an air rifle. The incident occurred in Handsworth in March 2007. The defendant claimed he had been showing the air rifle to a friend in his flat when he accidentally activated the trigger. The prosecution claim that three shots were fired. The case continues.

Avon & Somerset Constabulary


A man was arrested in Bridgwater after police received reports that a man was being threatened with a handgun. Armed officer who arrested the man seized an imitation firearm.

Asian News


Four people have been charged with firearms offences following police raids in Greater Manchester. Three guns were seized. A man and a woman from Bury have been charged with possessing a firearm and ammunition, a man from Flixton was charged with two counts of possessing a firearm and two of possessing ammunition and the fourth man from Old Trafford was charged with possessing a firearm, a firearm component and ammunition.

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